Tons of resources can be accessed online which are devoted to the game of football the world over. This includes many that feature soccer in New Zealand. This site is now being added to this collection but is taking a different approach. There are so many components that can be talked about when it comes to soccer that it can get overwhelming. Especially for those who may be just forming an interest in this game.

This site could be considered as a starting point for those who would like an introduction to what makes this such a fantastic sport. It is also beneficial for youth who are just beginning to look at football as a sport. Then, for the older soccer enthusiasts who just want a simple walk down memory lane, there is plenty of interesting information here as well.

Trends and interest in sports are constantly changing; as an example horse racing is more popular than football, but that doesn’t mean that football is becoming a sport of the past.

The New Zealand National Team

There are many different leagues within the football industry in New Zealand. It isn’t long before fans want to put their primary focus on the national team. This is the team which the country counts on, to put New Zeland on par with the rest of the football world. As an introduction, there is a great post here that covers some essential details, such as the history and the qualification format for the all-important FIFA World Cup. Then, there is additional information about football rivalry, which is always interesting to follow. Then, to conclude this piece is a recap of the national team players.

Famous Soccer Players

To develop an appreciation for any game including soccer, it is essential to take a look at those outstanding athletes who have made significant contributions to the game. In New Zealand football there are several who could be talked about. The post prepared to cover this subject is just an example of many who made the game today what it is for New Zealand. It should undoubtedly always be remembered that this is a team game. Players who can make a claim to football fame owe this opportunity in part to their teammates. It is the support of the team that helps to pave the way for an athlete to enter into the famous category.

Latest Match Schedules

The All Whites as a national team are going through some significant changes, and this, among other things, is affecting their 2019/2020 schedule. There is a post here concerning this, with some tentative match dates, all of which should be checked closer to the dates as some significant changes may occur. Especially with the attention being put towards the Olympics for the qualifying of the under 23 team.

Famous Wins

One of the things which help to keep a sport alive is being able to return to its past. Many games and events lead up to where a team is at today. Often, the popularity of a team is based on games from the past. Even when a team is not during well in the present, they will be remembered for their achievements in the past, which will often suffice fans during a down season for their favourite team. The post here is just a reminder of this, focusing on one famous win, and then a series of wins that led to qualifying for the World Cup.

Hopefully, this site is going to be one which interests all age groups, and that it will continue to create an ongoing interest in the fantastic game of soccer.