New Zealand is full of many popular sports, but one which tops the list is soccer. For those interested in this sport, they often like to take a walk down memory lane, and talk about those famous New Zealand soccer wins that never seem to become old news.

Keeping Up with Fame

While it is always nice to look back at the history of soccer in New Zealand, it is also essential to keep up with what is taking place in current times. Fortunately, there are excellent news media platforms, easily accessed to keep fans informed.

Memorable Wins: October 1 1923

For those who want to go way back in time to start a most interesting soccer conversation, it means going back to October 1, 1923. This was the date when the first-ever final game for the Chatham Cup took place. It was undoubtedly the beginning of what has become known as being the best national cup competition and the one which has existed the longest. This historical event took place in Wellington’s Athletic Park. Two amazing teams lined up against each other with the Otago Seacliff team beating the Wellington YMCA with a four to nil score.

There weren’t a lot of teams which entered this first competition. The method used for qualifying was conducted geographically. The game to this day, when being talked about, puts all the focus on how the entire team played with extreme precision.

Seacliff savoured this win for a long time going forward. Although they made it to the finals for the next two years, both ended in defeat.

The Chatham Cup is an event which has taken place every year except for 1937 and also was not held between 1941 to 1944. Overall records show that that the University Mount Welling Team holds the most wins at seven.

Memorable Wins; the 1982 World Finals

For those who are going back to some of soccer’s most memorable moments in football, the 1982 World Cup finals will be included in the conversation. It is believed that this was when New Zealand became known as a force to be recognised within the world of international football.

This was the 1982 game when the All Whites competed in the World Cup finals held in Spain. The path to get there was not easy, as the All Whites had to play a schedule of 15 games which spanned across the world. The All Whites held their own through the game but were defeated by the Soviet Union three to nil.

Although not the winner of the cup, the All Whites played many winning games to even get into the event. These are the games which are often talked about, as part of looking back at history.