Soccer (or football) is a popular sport globally. The whole world comes to a standstill during the World Cup that is held every four years. The New Zealand national team, which sports the nickname of “All Whites”, is home to many famous players. The football clubs in New Zealand are not fully professional, so some of the players play for other football clubs in countries, such as England and the USA. Some of the most famous players from New Zealand are:

Winston Reid

Born in 1988, Reid is captain of the New Zealand national team. He also plays professionally as a defender for West Ham United in the English Premier League. He was among the first people to graduate from the FCM academy, the first football academy in Denmark. In 2005, he signed for Midtjylland FC and from there, his career rose. He was a part of the 2010 New Zealand World Cup selection.

Wynton Rufer

Rufer, who is now a retired footballer, was born in 1962 in New Zealand. During his active career, he played the striker position for more than 10 years. He mostly played in Germany and Switzerland and won notable awards. He also played in the 1982 FIFA World Cup as a member of the New Zealand national team. He was named as the Oceania Footballer of the century. Even though some say he was a bit of a joker with the team, when he played with the New Zealand squad, he mentored several players who followed in his footsteps.

Christopher Wood

He was born in New Zealand in 1991 and plays for Burnley in the English Premier League as a striker. In New Zealand, he is the vice captain of the national team. His career as a footballer has seen him playing for Waikato FC, Hamilton Wanderers and Cambridge FC, among other clubs. He has also played for Leicester City and has been named top scorer when he was with Leeds United. He represented New Zealand in the national team when they played in 2010.

Ryan Nelsen

Ryan William Nelsen was born in 1977 and he played in New Zealand as a professional footballer. He was also a head coach for Major League Soccer (Toronto FC). When he was in active football, he played as a defender. When he started his football career in 1995, he went on to become captain of the New Zealand national team. In 2001, he was with DC United before moving to Blackburn and Tottenham Hotspur.

Marco Rojas

Marco Rojas is a New Zealand professional footballer who was born in 1991. He plays in attack as a midfielder and winger for the New Zealand national team, His fans call him the Kiwi Messi due to his smooth skills that he showed when playing with Melbourne Victory FC.

Glen Moss

Born in 1983, Glen Moss is a renowned goalkeeper in New Zealand. He plays for Newcastle Jets FC and for the New Zealand national team. In 2007, he signed a contract that bound him to Wellington Phoenix as goalkeeper. Throughout his career, he has earned an international reputation of being a top goalkeeper. He, however, suffered several injuries between 2008 and 2009 that seemed to have slowed his career, but he made a comeback and reclaimed his title. In 2008, he was banned from four World Cup matches for swearing at referee Lencie Fred.