The 2019/2020 match schedule for the New Zealand national football team has already got fans and players building their excitement and anticipation, accompanied by some still early predictions.

The All Whites (which is the name of the national football team for New Zealand) has a lot of past to defend and a responsibility to the future.

Scheduled International Matches

These dates are also referred to as the FIFA International Day/Dates. They are comprised of the scheduled international matches:

  • March 18 to 26
  • June 3 to 11
  • September 2 to 10
  • October 7 to 15
  • November 11 to 19

Recent news is indicating that there is a strong possibility that the All Whites will not be playing in June, and may not possibly be seen in play until November when they are scheduled to play against Ireland in Dublin.

However, hopes are, that friendlies will be arranged throughout the season to keep the team in shape.

With significant changes in staff taking place in the All Whites team, along with other circumstances being dealt with, the international scene for the All Whites is not a priority. New Zealand Football (NZF) is putting attention on the 2020 Olympics for the under 23 team. All Whites coach Fritz Schmid is the contender for leading New Zealand into the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This spreads his attention thin for the All Whites. The All Whites don’t have to be concerned yet about the World Cup cycle, as this is still way off in the distance.

Support for the World Cup

Even though the World Cup is aways off, the All Whites will have to work hard to make the draw to get the support they will need. The first draw for the 2022 World Cup will take place in July 2019. This will be a preliminary but will include the qualifying play-offs for the Intercontinental. After that, further decisions will have to be made concerning the last remaining matchup teams.

Unfortunately, the loss of the All Whites play-off in November 2018 crushed their chances of getting into this year’s World Cup. But all eyes are on both the 2022 games, as well as the 2026 World Cup. Projections are that for the All Whites, 2026 will be the year of victory. Forecasting for this is being based on the history of the team, but unlike in rugby, the football is rarely the odds on favourite with the bookies so predictions can’t be relied on.

Fans will have to watch the 2019/2020 season closely to monitor changes which will be taking place throughout this period, because of all the variables that may arise. Schedules could be subject to change at any time with limited notice. This makes it difficult for those fans who like to plan their soccer season for game watching well in advance. In place of a lot of action from the All Whites, fans can still devote their attention to other significant happenings in this sport.

The 2020 Olympics

The aura of excitement is set for getting ready to qualify for the 2020 Olympics by the New Zealand U-23 team.

  • Between September 21 and October 5, the OFC men’s Olympic qualifier tournament will take place in Fiji.
  • Group A; for the OFC Men’s Olympic Qualifier Tournament, comprises of New Zealand, the Solomon Islands, American Samoa and Samoa.